Dumbbell Bench

List Price: $1,099.00

Part #: 60000A

The Power Lift Dumbbell Bench is designed to be used as a bench in the supplemental lift area to create a multi-functional lifting station. Our Dumbbell Bench includes unique features, like our patent-pending linkage system and six adjustable lifting angles for the back pad and seat. An additional extended spotter's platform provides a natural position in spotting for the lifter while thermo-cushioned bench wheels protect any flooring surface you use.

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  • Height: 19"

  • Depth: 49 3/4"

  • Width: 30 1/8"

  • Weight: 110 lbs.


  • Angles: 0, 15, 35, 60 & 80 degrees

  • Linkage system eliminates gap between back and seat

  • Comes with wheels and a handle

Made in the USA

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