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About Us:

Power Lift began in 1999 with a plan to manufacture Olympic lifting platforms for athletic and sports performance facilities.  Since then we have been on an uphill growth against competitors and have added a high quality weight equipment line.  We pride ourselves with being an innovator in this exclusive market.  One of the key components to this success is our precise engineering process, as well as the high quality of our manufacturing.  Our clientele includes:  high schools, colleges, universities, professional sports teams and athletic performance facilities.  Our equipment is popular for its unique design and appearance, professional and student athletic recruiting appeal and its safe, multifunctional training capabilities. 

Established:  February 1999

Owner:  Jeff Conner

CEO:  Jeff Conner (He has been involved in the strength training market since 1987)

Clients:  High Schools, Colleges/Universities, Professional Sports Teams and Athletic Performance Centers

Patents:  Three (“Rhino Hook” Bar Catches, the “Lever Action” Bench and the Rotating Chin Up Handles) along with many other products pending patents

Location:  70,000 square foot facility in Jefferson, Iowa

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1987 -- Jeff Conner formed Conner Athletic Products to distribute high quality fitness equipment.

1989-1998 -- Conner Athletic Products was the Midwest United States distributor for Hammer Strength Equipment.

1999 -- Conner Athletic Products, Inc. created the Power Lift brand name for the manufacture of heavy duty free-weight training equipment and Olympic Lifting platforms.

2000 -- Power Lift began manufacturing and on March 23rd delivered their first Power Racks to Billings West High School in Montana.  Modular free-weight lifting stations including Power Racks, Multi Racks and Half Racks were developed.

-- Original manufacturing was completed in five separate locations throughout Jefferson, Iowa and employed 20 full time employees.

-- First registered trade mark was granted to Power Lift.

2001 -- Power Lift was granted its first patent for the "Rhino Hook" Bar Catch.

2002 -- Power Lift was featured in Sports Illustrated with a feature article on the Strength and Conditioning facility at Arizona State University.

2003 -- Power Lift consolidated all manufacturing processes into a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility.

-- Power Lift received its second patent for the "Lever Action" Bench.

2005 -- Power-Lift.completed the first of three building expansion plans with the addition of a 10,000 square foot office and showroom complex.

-- Power Lift is recognized throughout the industry as the leading manufacturer of athletic performance strength training equipment to athletic performance facilities, high schools, colleges and professional teams around the world.

2006 -- Second phase of the expansion was completed with an additional 5,000 square feet designated for trade show equipment and storage.

-- Power Lift received its third patent for the Rotating Chin Up Handle attachment.

2007 -- Power Lift introduced its new "Pro Select" line of selectorized equipment, the first selectorized product line to feature 4" x 3" 7 gauge steel construction, designed for athletes.

-- Power Lift continues to be the leader in athletic performance strength training equipment.  Current operations include 45 employees located in Jefferson, Iowa with continued dedication to the manufacturing and sale of strength training equipment.  Power Lift also maintains an international presence in the United Kingdom and the Asian market with our international distributors.

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Account Representatives:

Mike Richardson

Title:  Sales & Marketing Director
Email Address:

About Mike:
Mike Richardson was named Director of Sales & Marketing of Power Lift in 2002. 

Other notable tasks performed by Richardson include:  organizing training seminars, conducting presentations to strength and conditioning coaches, designing room layouts for training facilities, administering a marketing budget and maintaining trade show schedules and activities.

Richardson has an extensive background in the athletic world.  Prior to working at Power Lift he held the following positions:  Commercial Sales Consultant for 2nd Wind Fitness, Director of Strength and Conditioning for football at Southern Illinois University, Volunteer Student Assistant Coach for Buena Vista University and two-year letterman and starter for Buena Vista University football team.

Richardson graduated from Buena Vista University with his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Education and then continued his education at Southern Illinois University where he received his Master’s Degree in Education.

Richardson currently resides in Iowa with his wife and son. 

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Chris Conner

Title:  Assistant Sales & Marketing
Sales Area:  North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota

About Chris:
Chris Conner has been a member of Power Lift’s family from the beginning.  Conner started his time with Power Lift by working in the assembly department, where he put together racks, benches and other various pieces.  He also helped with loading equipment on trucks for delivery.

After six years of working behind the scene, Conner moved into the front office to assist Mike Richardson with the sales department.  Conner currently holds the position of Assistant Sales & Marketing for Power Lift and has been in the industry for 10 years.

Conner has been involved with sports most of his life.  He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.  While there he was able to be a walk-on member of the Iowa State Cyclones wrestling team for two years. 

Conner has brought his love of wrestling to the coaching spectrum.  For the past six years Conner has served as the Assistant wrestling coach at Jefferson-Scranton High School in Jefferson, Iowa.

Conner currently resides in Iowa with his wife and two children.

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Blair Prince

Title:  Western United States Sales Director

About Blair:
In 2007 Blair Prince joined the Power Lift team as the Western United States Sales Director.

Prior to working at Power Lift Prince held multiple coaching positions, that included:  Strength Coach for the University of Oklahoma (1985-1999), Strength & Conditioning Consultant for the Dallas Cowboys (1999-2002) and Assistant Strength Coach for the Dallas Cowboys (2005-2006).  After his coaching career, Prince joined Hammer Strength as the Southwest Athletic Sales Manager from 1999 to 2006.

Educationally, Prince attended Charleston High School where he lettered in baseball and football.  After graduating in 1979, he attended Eastern Illinois University and the University of Oklahoma, where he graduated in 1985.

Prince currently resides in Coppell, TX.

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Tim O’Neill

Title:  Senior Territory Sales Representative
Sales Area:  Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin

About Tim:
Tim O’Neill became the Midwest Senior Territory Sales Representative for Power Lift in 2006.

Prior to Power Lift, O’Neill served as the director for Quad Cities Sports Acceleration, located in Davenport, IA from 2001-2006.  While there, O’Neill trained nearly 3,000 athletes, ranging from middle school aged through professional level athletes.

O’Neill received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Promotion, with an emphasis in Wellness and Fitness / Management from the University of Northern Iowa.  Tim was also a three-year starter on the UNI football team; as well as a three-year all-conference shot putter on the track and field team

Other work experiences for O’Neill include:  Strength, Speed and Conditioning Coach at the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement in Menlo Park, where he trained many NFL, XFL, NBA, MLB and USATF athletes.  In addition to his work at the Riekes center Tim has coached MMA fighters including Jens Pulver and Tim Sylvia. 

O’Neill resides in Davenport, Iowa with his wife, Buffy and their four children.

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Steve Ward

Title:  Northwestern Regional Sales Director

About Steve:
Steve Ward has been involved in the sports nutrition industry for the last eighteen years.  Prior to joining the Power Lift team in 2008, Ward catered to the nutritional needs of athletes ranging in ability from novice to Olympians and recreational to professionals.

Ward graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Business Management.  While there he was a member of the NAU Lumberjack football team.

Ward resides in California with his wife and two children.

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Mark Briley

Title:  Senior Territory Sales Representative
Sales Area:  Colorado, Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming

About Mark:
Mark Briley has been an active member of the athletics world for many years.  He has served as a sales representative for the weight lifting industry for more than twenty years and has been involved with Power Lift since the company emerged.  Briley became an official member of the Power Lift team in October of 2008.

A member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Briley has committed his life to sports.  He was a high jumper on the track team at both Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and North Carolina State University in Raleigh; where he earned the Academic All Conference award in the East Atlantic Coast Conference.

Since school, Briley has taken his love for track and field and applied it to coaching, where he coached three National Champion high jumpers on the Junior Olympic level. 

Briley has also helped consult companies on marketing and product development within this industry. 

Briley currently resides in Colorado. 

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J.R. Conrad

Title:  Senior Territory Sales Representative
Sales Area:  Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri

About J.R.:
J.R. Conrad became a member of the Power Lift sales team in 2009. 

Conrad began working in the sports industry as a territory manager ten years ago.  Some of his tasks included:  helping coaches and administrators create a championship atmosphere, creating functional, top notch training facilities and facilitating motivational tools for the entire student body.

Conrad earned his degree from the University of Oklahoma.  While there he participated on the Oklahoma Sooners football team.  He was a four-year starter on the offensive line and the first true freshman to play at center.  After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Conrad was drafted into the NFL.  He played for the New England Patriots, New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys.

Conrad looks forward to sharing his passion for sports through his work and believes that “The weight room is truly the front porch for everyone’s program.”  By working in this field Conrad can assist coaches with their weight lifting needs.

Conrad currently resides in Oklahoma with his wife and children.

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Keith Comeforo

Title:  Senior Territory Sales Representative
Sales Area:  Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia

About Keith:
Keith Comeforo joined the Power Lift team as a Senior Territory Sales Representative in 2008.

Prior to working for Power Lift, Comeforo served the athletic world as a strength coach for eleven years.  Comeforo has coaching stints at the University of Arizona, University of Kentucky, Howard University and Stanford University.

Comeforo received his degree at Oregon State University and was a member of the Oregon State Football team for 4years.  .

He currently resides in Kentucky with his wife.

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Robert Lindsey

Title:  Senior Territory Sales Representative
Sales Area:  Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

About Robert:
Robert Lindsey was named Senior Territory Sales Representative of Power Lift in 2007. 

As a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS) and the U.S. Olympic Weightlifing Level 1 Coach, Lindsey has been an influential person in this industry.  He received the National Strength & Conditioning Association Strength Coach of the Year Award in 1995 and 2000.  Throughout his experiences he has presented at over 100 strength and fitness conferences nationwide, has had over a dozen magazine articles published and developed and produced 16 sports performance and fitness videos and workout manuals. 

Lindsey has an extensive background in the athletic world.  Prior to working at Power Lift he served as the Assistant Strength Coach at the following schools:  Oklahoma State University from 1986-1989 and at the University of Tennessee from 1989-1994.  Following those positions, Lindsey took over the role as Strength & Conditioning Coordinator for Illinois State University from 1994-2003.  The next step in his working career was to become the Director of Education and Marketing Manager for Power Systems from 2003-2007. 

Lindsey received his Bachelor of Sciences degree in Exercise Science from Oklahoma State University and has used that experience to help field his career.

Lindsey currently resides in Tennessee with his wife and two children.

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Rich Federico

Title:  Southeastern Territory Sales Director

About Rich:
Rich Federico was named the Southeastern Territory Sales Director in 2008.

For the last fifteen years, Federico has been involved in the sports industry.  He was a collegiate athlete and professional fighter, before making the choice to get involved in sales, management and service to the fitness industry. 

Federico proclaims, “My passion lies in making sure my clients reach their facility goals and in helping them with all of their project needs!”

Federico resides in Florida with his three children.

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Hank Lesher

Title:  Senior Territory Sales Representative
Sales Area:  Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont
Email Address:

About Hank:
Hank Lesher has worked in the fitness industry for the last fifteen years.  A graduate from Pennsylvania State University, Lesher has been involved with helping facilities, ranging from high schools to professional teams complete their equipment needs.  Specific tasks involved:  consulting clients on their equipment selection and facilitating their needs based on course curriculum and programming.  Lesher brings a unique balance of training knowledge and facility design to the team at Power Lift.

In October 2009 he relocated to the East Coast to open a health club in Pennsylvania.  The club offers general fitness along with programming to improve athletic performance.  Lesher joined the Power Lift team in November of 2009 as a Senior Territory Representative responsible for the Northeast United States, encompassing eleven states. 

Lesher currently resides in Pennsylvania and is looking forward to bringing his years of experience and expertise to the schools, performance clinics and professional teams of the Northeast.

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Tony Tribolet

Title:  Senior Territory Sales Representative - California
Email Address:

About Tony:
Sales Area: California

Tony Tribolet has worked in the fitness, rehab and sports performance industy for the past 20 years. Prior to coming to Power Lift he owned an fitness and sports equipment distribution company. His previous experience includes Vice President for West Coast regional equipment distribution company, National Sales Manager, Product Manager and National Leasing Director for a major equipment manufacture.

Tribolet graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Education and was member of the Lumberjack Football team for two seasons. Tribolet is an avid sports photographer and his photos are often utilized in regional ESPN websites and in local newspapers.

Tony lives in Southern California with his two boy's.

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